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Simulating cyber-attacks to identify vulnerabilities in networks and applications.

Security Audit

Reviewing and evaluating an organization's security policies, procedures, and technologies to identify gaps and potential risks.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Identifying and analyzing potential threats and vulnerabilities to an organization's assets and infrastructure.

Incident Response Planning

Developing a plan to respond to cybersecurity incidents effectively.

Cloud Security Assessment

Evaluating cloud infrastructure and services to ensure they meet security requirements.

Cybersecurity Training and Awareness

Educating employees on best practices and procedures to prevent cybersecurity incidents.

Business Meeting

IT & Cyber Security



Ashwin Simon is a highly accomplished chartered accountant with extensive experience in audit, accounting, tax, and advisory services. As the Partner in Charge at Morison Qatar, he oversees the firm's operations and ensures the highest level of quality in client services. With his deep knowledge of the Qatari business landscape, he provides valuable insights to clients and assists them in achieving their financial goals. Ashwin is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and holds a Diploma in Information Systems Audit.

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