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ICV Services

Tawteen is the Supply Chain Localization Program for the Energy sector in Qatar led by QatarEnergy with the participation of all the other companies operating in this sector The Program consists of three key pillars and these are new investment opportunities, supplier development initiatives and a new In-Country Value (ICV) policy. Tawteen ICV program is developed to complement Qatar National Vision 2030 by driving the localization agenda in Qatar’s Energy sector. ICV Certifiers are third-party independent audit firms that will certify and issue the ICV Scorecards. We are an approved TAWTEEN ICV certifier.

ICV Scorecard Certification

The ICV Scorecard is a historical view based on the latest audited financial statement. It must be certified by an ICV certifier annually, at a minimum. ICV scorecards offer a commercial advantage to suppliers seeking to do business with the Energy Sector in Qatar. ICV Scorecard impacts the procurement process as follows:

a) Bidders shall submit their ICV Scorecard certificate in the bid document.

b) ICV Scorecard certificate will play a role in commercial evaluation to determine the winning bidder.

ICV Plan Certification

The ICV Plan is a forward-looking view, based on a Supplier’s planned spend during contract execution. For selected contracts with Qatar’s Energy Sector, Supplier’s will set out its ICV Plan as part of its tender documents, as a commitment to be achieved at the end of contract execution. The ICV Plan must be certified by an ICV certifier at the end of the contract. There will be corresponding reward if the winning bidder achieved its commitment. ICV Plan impacts the procurement process as follows:

a) Bidder shall submit the completed ICV Plan template in the bid document

b) The submitted ICV plan will play a major role in commercial evaluation to determine the winning bidder

Oil refinery plant in the evening

ICV Services 


Shameem is a rising star in the world of finance, currently serving as the Head of ICV Services at Morison Qatar. Despite his young age, he has already established himself as a highly skilled and dedicated professional with a passion for excellence.

Shameem's work ethic is second to none. He is known for working around the clock to ensure that his clients receive the best possible service. His commitment to his work is matched only by his approachability and friendly demeanor. He is always willing to go above and beyond to help his clients achieve their goals.

Shameem Head
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