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Company Incorporation Services

Ready to establish your presence in Qatar Financial Centre? Contact Morison Qatar now for expert assistance in company formation, business setup, and registration. Let us guide you through the process and help you unlock the vast opportunities in Qatar


Seamless Company Incorporation Services Tailored for You

Strategic Location


With its strategic location bridging the East and West, Qatar serves as a gateway for businesses looking to tap into both regional and international markets

Economic Stability


Benefit from a stable and prosperous economy that has consistently shown resilience, making Qatar a secure foundation for your business ventures.

Infrastructure Development


Experience state-of-the-art infrastructure that facilitates seamless business operations. Qatar's ongoing infrastructure development projects create an environment conducive to growth and innovation.

Investment Incentives


Explore a range of incentives and initiatives designed to attract and support foreign investments. Qatar offers various incentives, such as tax exemptions and strategic partnerships

Why Qatar

15 + Years of Experience

50+ Member team with wide areas of expertise

Set-up all types of companies & businesses

Limited Liability


Morison Qatar streamlines the setup of your Limited Liability Company, ensuring a secure foundation for your business with minimized personal liability.

General Partnership Company

Morison Qatar facilitates the seamless establishment of General Partnership Companies, fostering collaborative ventures with shared responsibilities.

Limited Share Partnership Company

Limited Share Partnership; Morison Qatar guides you through setup, optimizing capital structures for efficient operations.



Unlock strategic advantages in business management through a Holding Company. Morison Qatar expertly structures and establishes your holding entity for optimal control.

Public Shareholding Company

Navigate the complexities of public ownership confidently with Morison Qatar. We support the setup of Public Shareholding Companies, ensuring compliance and transparency.



Embark on successful collaborations with our expertise in Joint Venture setup. Morison Qatar paves the way for mutually beneficial partnerships with streamlined processes



Morison Qatar facilitates the establishment of Commercial Agencies, connecting businesses to lucrative opportunities and optimizing market presence.



Expand your business seamlessly with Morison Qatar's assistance in setting up Branch Offices, ensuring compliance and continuity in your strategic growth.

What type of business can Morison Qatar help you incorporate



Ashwin Simon is a highly accomplished chartered accountant with extensive experience in audit, accounting, tax, and advisory services. As the Partner in Charge at Morison Qatar, he oversees the firm's operations and ensures the highest level of quality in client services. With his deep knowledge of the Qatari business landscape, he provides valuable insights to clients and assists them in achieving their financial goals. Ashwin is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and holds a Diploma in Information Systems Audit.

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