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Services We Provide

Internal Audit

We engage clients in outsourcing, cosourcing and secondment arrangements relating to internal audit .We have a host of specialized employees trained in internal audit with experience in IT audit, cybersecurity

Internal Audit Quality Assurance

We perform an external assessment of the internal audit function in your organization as required by IIA standards

Risk Management

Mitigate risk with our comprehensive approach to identify, assess, and manage risks in your business.

Accountant at Work

Risk Advisory 


Gaurav is an exceptional professional and the Head of Risk Advisory at Morison Qatar, a leading audit and advisory firm. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, he is widely regarded as the best risk analyst in the region. Gaurav is known for his thoroughness and attention to detail, which are essential qualities for success in risk management.

Gaurav's track record in the field of risk advisory is impressive. He has developed and implemented innovative risk management strategies for clients across a wide range of industries.

Gaurav Risk
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